Turn off the lights!

Earth Day is just around the corner!
On April 22 do something to help the environment.
Simply turn off all the lights and faucets when you're
not using them and save lots of energy and water.

You can make a difference this Earth Day!

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Monique, 7, from CA sold lemonade to raise money for a local animal shelter.
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Earth Day

April 22 2014. You can make a difference with some of these cool projects.

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Cool Web Sites

Check out these cool web sites that can help you get started on a project!

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Ripple Kids  

So your child has come to you and wants to end homelessness. What do you do? How do you support them? What tools do you need? What organizations exist to help you empower them to fulfill their quest?

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Do you want to recognize your students for their community service activities outside of school? We have a turnkey School Recognition Program that will allow you to easily acknowledge their efforts while inspiring their peers to start projects of their own.

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Do You Know a Ripple Kid- or want to be one?

Were looking for kids between the ages of 7-13 that have identified an issue in their community and taken action to resolve it. If you know of someone who is a Ripple Kid, tell them about our web site!

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