Cause: People In Need/Kids
Mission: Helping Every Child Have a Happy Birthday!

The Issue:

Did you know that many kids can’t afford to have a birthday party? Party Pepper Uppers believes that every kids should be able to experience the joy of having their own birthday party. We purchase and collect party supplies and bundle them into Birthday Party Packs to donate to children in need. Birthday Party Packs include everything needed for a fun-filled birthday party... just add friends!

Here are 3 ways YOU can help us bring birthday parties to kids in need!

What: Host a Give-Back birthday party

Ask your friends to bring items to donate to Party Pepper Uppers instead of gifts for you.

What: Plan a Fundraiser

Plan a Fundraiser to raise money for birthday party supplies! Anything from a lemonade stand to selling items you make can earn money to help support our cause.

What: Hold a Collection Drive

Hold a Collection Drive to gather items from our list. Whether it’s at your school, Girl Scout Troop meeting or your Church, people love to help make a difference and bringing items is an easy way to do so!