Home of Hope 

6.00 hours$42.00 raised

Posted by: ckort391

Here's how we're taking action in our community:

We have helped an organization called Homes of Hope which it is an affiliate of Youth with a Mission, and we have built houses for people in need. I wanted to raise money for the people that work full time for this organization so they can continue to help people in need.

Here's how we got the idea:

They idea came to my mind because I realized that the people in this organization have to raise their own support.

These are the steps we took:

I made corner bookmarks to sell and my mom and I made cookies to sell at the ripple kid fair at my school

Here are some of the results:

We raise $42 by selling most of our cookies and a few corner bookmarks

These are the people who volunteered with me:

My family

One of the coolest things that happened during my project was:

Seeing how my peers at school like to help organizations.

One of the most important things I learned was:

That any amount we raised can help the organization.