Canine Companions for Independence 

5.00 hours$200.00 raised

Posted by: love4all

Here's how we're taking action in our community:

We sold ice cream sundaes at our school's Ripple Kids fair.

Here's how we got the idea:

We like ice cream and thought that other children would like to buy it at the Ripple Kids fair.

These are the steps we took:

We made the posters for the Ripple Kids fair and then went and purchased the items that we needed to make the sundaes. Then we sold the ice cream sundaes at the Ripple Kids fair.

Here are some of the results:

We sold 40 ice cream sundaes.

These are the people who volunteered with me:

My friends

One of the coolest things that happened during my project was:

We were able to raise $200

One of the most important things I learned was:

That Canine Companions for Independence helps all types of people in need. They even train dogs to help turn on and off the lights!