Project Adopt a Family 

10.00 hours$1000.00 raised

Posted by: bronzegirl9

Here's how we're taking action in our community:

We took action in our community by helping a family in need.

Here's how we got the idea:

We were told that one of the families at John Muir Fundamental was struggling because the father is the only one who works in the house and is sick and dying from cancer. We wanted to help them during the holiday season through this really tough time.

These are the steps we took:

we sold Jingle grams at school during Christmas to help raise money for the family. Once everyone heard where the money was going towards everyone started to buy the grams. we delivered the grams to classes and sang songs. once we got the money we purchased gift cards to help the family buy items for Christmas.

Here are some of the results:

we sold 1000 grams and made $1000 dollars. We helped a family who was going through a tough time.

One of the coolest things that happened during my project was:

We purchased a gift card for the family to eat panda express because we heard that the sick father loved to eat there with his father. Now he will get to eat panda express with his family for the holidays.

One of the most important things I learned was:

Enjoy time with your family because you never know what might happen.