Arroyo Ripple Fair 2017 

4.00 hours$142.00 raised

Posted by: Brownies3647

Here's how we're taking action in our community:

We're donating money and buying supplies to help the Pacific Marine Mammal Center rescue and rehabilitate sea animals.

Here's how we got the idea:

We wanted to help animals for our Girl Scout service project. One of us had gotten seed paper as a gift, and we thought it would be cool to sell seed paper so people could grow their own flowers.

These are the steps we took:

We got seed paper in the shape of flowers, put them on popsicle sticks to look like a stem, and "planted" it in a pot of dirt that people could use to plant the seed paper. We also made chokers out of suede cord, buttons, and beads.

Here are some of the results:

We sold about 65 flower pots and 18 necklaces. We raised $142 and had lots of fun.

One of the coolest things that happened during my project was:

When someone bought 6 of our flower pots.

One of the most important things I learned was:

It's fun to help organizations in need and make a difference in the community. Every little bit helps.