Cause: Kids
Mission: To increase the quality of life and reduce health risks for all children surviving cancer, both in treatment and beyond

The Issue:

95% of childhood cancer survivors will face a serious chronic illness. We aim to change the odds by starting a wellness revolution including quality of life care, fierce foods, whole-body wellness resources, education and research.

Here are 3 ways YOU can help us improve the quality of life for kids and their families.

What: Make Cards

You can create cards and notes of encouragement for MaxLove Project to include in our BE SUPER kits

What: Host a give back birthday party

You can host a give back birthday party to raise funds for our MaxLove BeSuper Kits. If you are local, you can then come to our office to pack them and decorate them yourself!

What: Start your own business!

Be an entrepreneur! Come up with something you would like to sell. Create a stand or pick a spot to sell your item. Then, donate your proceeds to help fund our BeSuper Kits! If you are local, you can then come to our office to pack the kits and decorate them yourself!

Our BeSuper kits are kickstarter packages we send to SuperKids and their families around the country fighting childhood cancers and related life-threatening illnesses. They're designed to help SuperKids, their siblings, and parents make small, easy steps toward risk-reducing and quality of life health changes