Cause: Kids
Mission: Bring smiles to pediatric patients by delivering toys, crafts, DVD's and Books.

The Issue:

Kids hospitalized with serious illness often spend long days alone. Our goal is to make their day a little brighter by bringing them toys and books to keep them occupied.

Here are 3 ways YOU can help us brighten their day!

What: HOLD a toy drive

If you live in Orange County we will come and pick up the items. This is a great activity for Boy and Girl Scouts troops and Church groups. Even very young volunteers can do this.

What: VOLUNTEER at an event

All our events are youth-run, and how you can help varies based on the event. We need help for anything from greeting our authors or set up eggs for our Easter Egg Hunt!

What: ORGANIZE an event

Anything that is youth-run and free would be great. Ask for donations of craft supplies, and have a crafting party and ask attendees to bring a new toy for pediatric patients to the crafting party. Other examples would be a cooking party, a sports themed party or your birthday party!

Visit our Facebook Page for more ideas!